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Premises Liability: Slip and Fall Accidents

Premise Liability Slip and Fall Cases Require an Experienced Attorney

While we all enjoy sunny, warm and dry days, the fact of the matter is that from time to time we must endure a rainy day. Rain can be dangerous to travel in, and property owners must do what they can to ensure that we all stay safe when shopping and running errands. Unfortunately, not all property owners follow this rule and as a result, rain can contribute to slip and fall accidents.

Duty to Provide a Safe Premise

Property and business owners whose companies reside in public office buildings, supermarkets, and even hotels, have a duty to provide a safe place for customers and clients. If you are injured while on their premises, you can file a personal injury claim. This would mean that if successful in your claim, you could be awarded compensation for the injuries sustained as a result of your slip and fall accident. You may also be awarded compensation due to pain and suffering from your injuries.

Steps a Business Must Take to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Business owners have to follow certain rules and laws in order to ensure that their customers and patrons are safe when they enter the premises. And even though rain, or any type of weather condition, is not the fault of the business owner, they still must anticipate the dangers that come with inclement weather. In addition, they should take some of the following safety measures:

  • Have slip-free doormats at the entryway of buildings;
  • Provide plastic bags for their patrons’ umbrellas;
  • Make sure that all handrails are sturdy;
  • Install anti-slip tape on stairs and ramps;
  • Display warning signs for wet areas;
  • Clean up puddles and water spots within a reasonable time frame.

Injuries Sustained During a Slip and Fall Accident

There are a variety of different injuries one can suffer from a slip and fall accident. These types of injuries can sometimes be devastating and keep the victim from going to work or enjoying other activities in life for weeks, months, or even years.

Some of the more common injuries suffered from a slip and fall accident include:

Broken and fractured bones;

  • Sprains;
  • Soft tissue damage;
  • Brain injuries;

One can also suffer injuries on the lower half of the body such as a broken hip or leg.

Reach out to An Experienced Attorney

Slip and fall accidents can be very difficult to prove. You must show that the property owner failed to take the necessary steps to provide a safe environment. While you did fall and get hurt on someone else’s property, you have to prove that the owner or caretaker failed to take those precautions and instead acted negligently.

Additionally, a business can argue that you could have prevented the fall, meaning that the business is not liable at all. They could argue that you were not paying attention to where you were going, or that your shoes are to blame for your fall. The business will investigate to determine if you entered into an area that was off limits, or if the business did provide a warning sign but that you failed to heed it.

Talk to a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer St. Paul MN trusts, about how they may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your slip and fall injury.

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