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Auto Accident Lawyer Miami

How an Auto Accident Lawyer May Help with Your Claim

An auto accident lawyer Miami drivers choose with confidence may help you achieve a satisfactory settlement for your claim. If you have not yet filed a claim and would like to receive the maximum possible for a settlement, contact a lawyer, today. Find an auto accident lawyer in Miami FL who knows from experience how to help injured victims.

A Miami Auto Accident Lawyer May Act on Your Behalf

If you sustained a serious injury in an auto accident caused by a negligent driver, a lawyer may be a tremendous help. Exactly how they can help you depends on the details of your accident, as each case is unique. However, under most circumstances, an auto accident lawyer Miami offers may do the following on your behalf:

  1. Communicate with the at-fault insurance carrier’s adjuster. For many accident victims, this provides relief, as they don’t have to communicate with the insurance company any more than necessary.
  2. Investigate the accident and collect evidence that proves you are the victim. More than likely, your attorney may have an experienced forensic accident investigator who will collect and preserve the necessary evidence. This often includes photographing and videotaping the scene as well as tracking down witnesses and interviewing them. These professional investigators are trained to report accurately on (and recreate if needed) the accident and what likely happened.
  3. Work with your medical practitioner(s) to obtain relevant medical records, treatment plans, and itemized bills. These will be critical for building your case and assessing an accurate tally of your damages. Sometimes a physician is not complete in their medical assessments. This may be an issue when it comes time to present the case to the liable parties. One of the responsibilities of your attorney may be to contact your medical providers to obtain the information necessary for your claim. Sometimes this requires repeated requests. Find an auto accident lawyer Miami residents turn to and trust. As a result, you will not have to endure the frustration caused by this time-consuming process.
  4. Negotiate the settlement with the insurance company. Accident victims who do not choose to hire an attorney may mistakenly believe that the insurance company will take them seriously. It can happen, but more likely, the adjuster will try to take advantage of their lack of experience and offer a settlement that is less than fair. Without a tried and tested understanding of the negotiation process, a victim may be victimized twice. A skilled auto accident lawyer Miami victims choose to represent them may be able to negotiate a higher settlement. In part, this is because a lawyer may know what the average payout is for any amount of damages. An experienced attorney knows what damages qualify for compensation.

Do Not Take Chances

Once you agree to a settlement, you can’t collect additional compensation even if your injury turns out to be more serious than you’d thought. Contact a lawyer today if you want to make sure your accident claim is handled to your benefit the first time. Get information about your situation  with an auto accident lawyer Miami commuters know will take care of them.