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3 Things to Prove in a Car Accident Case

Auto Accident Lawyer Car accidents are an unfortunate – and frequent – occurrence that affects people all over the world. Auto accidents aren’t selective or prejudice, they happen to drivers on every point of every spectrum. Experienced drivers get into accidents just like inexperienced drivers. There’s no rhyme or reason,...
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Truck Accident: Who Is at Fault?

“In case of accident, do not accept liability.” Have you taken time to internalize this phrase on your insurance card? It means more than just a caution, but the truth is; it is a stern warning. This is especially true after an accident caused by a trucker who doesn’t take...
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Life in a Comparative Fault State

Florida is a comparative fault jurisdiction. This means several things when an accident occurs. First, a parties’ own contributory fault diminishes proportionately the amount awarded for economic and non-economic damages. Second, each actor pays only that portion of fault attributable to their own actions. The doctrine of joint and several...
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