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5 Things You Do To Cyclists You Had No Idea Are Illegal

Bicycle accidents are quite common in the United States these days. In fact, about 700 Americans die and 45,000 are injured each year in accidents involving bicycles and vehicles.

Many car drivers put bicyclists in danger without even realizing it. There are several things that most vehicle drivers do not know they do to bicyclists that are illegal and can result in fatal accidents, experts from Bio Genix Consulting noted. Here are five things you may do to cyclists you had no idea are illegal.

  1. Cutting Into the Path of a Cyclist when Turning Right

If you fail to make sure there are no cyclists or pedestrians passing before making a right turn, you are violating several rules of the road. The rider going straight generally has the right of way when you are turning right, so you must stop for him or her.

  1.    Using a Bike Lane to Park your Car

Even if it is just for five minutes, you should never park your vehicle in a bike lane. If you park in the bike lane, cyclists will have to go into the road and put themselves in danger. Accidents are more likely to occur because vehicle drivers are not expecting a bicycle to come into their lane.

  1.    Driving your Car Too Closely

It is very important to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and a cyclist. The  Three Feet For Safety Act actually requires vehicle drivers to stay 3 feet from the cyclists at all times.

  1.    Exhibiting Violent or Hostile Behavior

No matter how angry you become, you should never threaten or cause physical harm to a cyclist. If you do, you could be charged with assault. Some cyclists nowadays have a camera attached to their helmet and can use the to record illegal behavior.

  1.    Telling a Cyclist to Ride on the Sidewalk

Vehicle drivers and cyclists are supposed to share the road. However, there are some drivers who tell cyclists to get off the road and ride on the sidewalk. This is illegal to do in almost every day. Sidewalks are designed only for pedestrians, and riding a bike on a sidewalk can cause injuries.  

It is a good idea to keep these things in mind when driving your vehicle. This way, you can avoid doing something illegal and getting yourself into trouble. Consult with an experienced attorney today such as the personal injury lawyer Bloomington IL locals trust to review your case.

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