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What is the purpose of a deposition in a car accident lawsuit?

Anyone who has been seriously injured in a crash because of someone’s negligence should consider contacting a car accident attorney Miami offers. A skilled car accident attorney in Miami may review your case at whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit.

If you and your attorney decide to move forward with a lawsuit, a common question may arise: What is the purpose of a deposition in a car accident lawsuit? As it may specifically apply in your own case, it’s best to consult with a car accident attorney Miami victims. However, what follows is an overview of the deposition process.

What is a deposition?

After your Miami car accident attorney has filed a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf, the “discovery” process begins. This involves both parties of the lawsuit gathering as much information as possible about the accident and your resulting injury. Part of the discovery process includes depositions. They are not always necessary but are commonly used by attorneys as they build their case. The deposition itself is a sworn testimony by a witness (which can include the plaintiff) outside the courtroom. The witness swears an oath, to tell the truth and their testimony during the deposition becomes part of the legal record. If the witness contradicts their deposition testimony during the trial, they can be called out on that.

Who will request to take my deposition?

More than likely, the defendant’s attorney will want to take their deposition. As to whether or not you have to comply, a car accident attorney Miami accident victims turn to for legal assistance may inform you. If you must participate in the deposition process, your attorney may help you prepare for it.

What will be covered in the deposition?

Again, this varies according to the specifics of your case, and a car accident attorney Miami provides may offer more details. However, the following information is often covered during most depositions:

  • Your name, address, and if you are taking any medications
  • What you recall about the car accident that resulted in your injury
  • Additional circumstances regarding the accident, such as whether or not you were distracted while driving, etc.
  • Specifics and generalities about your health before and after the accident
  • Your income and how it may have been affected since the time of the accident due to your injury and inability to return to your regular job full time
  • Your motor vehicle driving history, specifically if you have been involved in any other accidents or received any tickets and points against your driving record

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami

The legal process of filing a lawsuit can be stressful and confusing. If you have questions about the deposition process or about your personal injury case, contact a car accident attorney Miami victims can trust.