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Truck Accident: Who Is at Fault?

Truck Accident: Who Is at Fault?

“In case of accident, do not accept liability.” Have you taken time to internalize this phrase on your insurance card? It means more than just a caution, but the truth is; it is a stern warning. This is especially true after an accident caused by a trucker who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. In turn, his insurance may shift the liability to you.


Over 60% of accidents involving trucks are between a truck and a small car. Very often the trucker is at fault but because admitting liability may cost them their job, noted from Base 36, it’s not unheard of for them to blame the driver of the passenger vehicle.


What Are the Most Common Causes of Driver Facilitated Accidents?


1. Driver was texting or talking on phone:
This is one of the most prevalent reasons that drivers cause accidents. Because it’s highly penalized, most drivers deny and shift blame. Chances are that there will be no evidence and therefore makes it hard to judge liability.


2. Unsafe changing of lanes:
Failure to permit another driver to merge into their lane or else changing lanes in an unsafe manner, particularly where there are no traffic lights, cameras, or police present.


3. High speeds and abrupt stops:
Trucks are powerful machines that can carry enormous weight and travel at very high speeds. This can make them lethal under the right, or wrong, circumstances. If a truck is forced to slow down quickly or even stop, it may not be possible. As a result, anything in its path may literally be crushed, even other vehicles. Truck versus automobile accidents rarely end well for the auto driver.


4. Unsteady state of mind:
Drivers who stay on the road under the influence of alcohol, strong medication or other drugs have a tendency to lose concentration and judge situations wrongly. If split-second decision making is necessary to avoid an accident, the driver may be unable to do that if they’re not functioning at 100% of their ability.


5. Fatigue:
Most truck drivers are paid by mileage; this incentive can cause them to overwork and extend their hours, even beyond legal limits. As as result, their fatigue can lead poor response times and unsound decision making. This practice of driving while fatigued is one of the leading causes of truck accidents today.


6. Failure to obey road signs or to slow down in construction zones, toll points, or in urban areas:
Not only are other drivers at risk when a trucker drives recklessly, so too are other vehicles’ passengers and pedestrians.


7. Following too closely or turning unsafely:
When a trucker does not accurately anticipate the distance they need to maintain from the vehicle in front, they can cause a rear end collision. If a trucker makes a wide turn when the adjoining lane or the intersection is not clear, there is high likelihood of an accident.
If you’ve been involved in a truck accident caused by a trucker who is not taking responsibility, call an attorney. A truck accident lawyer Memphis TN trusts can review your case and discuss your legal options. If an attorney agrees to represent you, they can help you seek damages from the liable party.


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