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Chiropractics: How to Treat Your Knee Injury After a Car Accident

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from mild to severe knee injuries after being involved in a car accident. Our knees may endure minor lacerations, to complete and very painful fractures. Here we cover knee injuries and the ways a chiropractor may be able to help you on your journey to knee recovery.

What are the different ways a knee can get injured in an accident?

The knees can undergo blunt force from the airbag, car door, steering wheel, broken objects and more. Knees are crucial to our everyday functioning and ability to participate in our daily routines. Even minor aches or tears can eventually lead to an immense amount of pain and long-term management. Overall, after a vehicle crash knees can be impacted by:

  • Strains and/or overexertion
  • Sprains of the muscles
  • Tears of ligaments
  • Broken bones & fractures
  • Infection

What are knee symptoms to look out for after a car crash?

In the midst of a car accident, our bodily injuries may not be fully observed until much later on. While our body is in a state of shock, the severity of pain and damages can go unnoticed for some time. In the hours and days after a car accident, keep an eye out for the below symptoms:

  • Swelling around knee area
  • Tenderness or hot to touch
  • Locking or grinding sensation while walking
  • Weakness, knee gives out occasionally
  • Pain and limited mobility during normal activities
  • Inability to fully extend knee
  • Bone protruding
  • Odd deformity
  • Heavy bruising around knee

When should someone see a doctor for a potential knee injury?

A victim of a car accident should see a doctor right away. As stated above, there may be issues underlying that have not arose to the surface yet. A knee doctor Gaithersburg MD recommends can perform diagnostics to make sure the victim is not facing any life-threatening conditions. If a person is seeking compensation from the driver at-fault, waiting to get medical attention can look suspicious during your case evaluation. Even if you walk away with a clean bill of health, that is much preferred over waiting too long and developing further injury complications.

Why is seeking chiropractic care for an injury better than staying on medication?

If the patient is deemed okay and does not need emergency care, a regular doctor may prescribe an array of medications including painkillers, muscle relaxers and anxiety alleviators. The upside to these prescriptions is the patient will feel relief in the moment. However, the downside is if there are no other treatments in combination with these pills, the injuries may not be truly healing.

How can a chiropractor help with a knee injury?

A chiropractic doctor can perform a thorough exam and help determine where the cause of your knee pain is coming from. He or she may implement x-rays that can help create a more personal treatment plan to treat the condition. It is likely your chiropractor will start with checking the spine for proper alignment, and adjust you if necessary. Then, your chiropractor can even adjust the knee joints directly, which can help in reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into knee injuries.