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Do You Need an Attorney as an At-Fault Driver?

Do You Need an Attorney as an At-Fault Driver?

Attorneys for At-Fault Drivers

At-fault drivers often wonder about the financial repercussions of causing an accident. However, monetary responsibility likely depends on where you live more than who is at fault. For example, in a no-fault state, each driver is responsible for the damage to their property, regardless of who was at fault.

Different states have different liability rules. Therefore, before you can figure out your next steps, you need to consult local regulations.

Degrees of Liability

Some states consider a shared liability among drivers. In other words, each driver is only responsible for their share of the accident. If one driver is responsible for 56% of the accident, that is all the other driver can collect in damages. In shared liability states, there might be rules that will not permit a lawsuit against a driver who is less than 50% responsible for the collision.

Because of the confusion and complexity of liability, it is best to hire an experienced attorney. A legal professional will understand your state’s laws and tell you if your claim is worth taking to court.

Importance of Hiring a Competent Attorney

Not all lawyers are created equal. A law degree is not enough to prove skill, especially in personal injury claims. The lawyer you choose should have experience fighting similar cases to yours. Therefore, you want to find an experienced traffic or car accident attorney, not just a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury law is complex with many facets, including workplace injuries and malpractice suits. There are also differences among car accident lawyers. For example, there are lawyers specializing in motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, cab collisions, etc.

When researching potential attorneys for your personal injury defense, you will want to find those with experience in your specific accident type. Figuring out your attorney’s specialization is often straightforward: simply ask. Most lawyers will willfully tell you if your case does not fit their expertise.

Claims Are Against Insurers

In most situations, personal injury lawsuits are against the insurance companies of at-fault parties. Typically, lawsuits are only brought against individuals if they do not have insurance or if their negligence is criminal. However, it is still worthwhile to seek advice from an attorney if you are at fault for an accident.

Are you concerned about the legal and financial repercussions of a previous accident? Contact a traffic lawyer at May Law LLP to discuss your concerns and figure out if you need legal counsel.