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Filing a Car Accident Claim 


Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been hurt in a car accident because of another person’s carelessness, you can seek compensation for your losses by filing an injury claim. Filing a claim is difficult, though, so contact a car accident lawyer who has the knowledge, experience, and resources to get you the compensation you deserve.

We all know the statistics- car crashes are frequent, dangerous, and costly. Everyone always says you’re more likely to be injured in a car accident than fall off a cliff, be struck by lightning, or be in a plane crash. But that doesn’t make a vehicle collision any less terrifying when it happens to you. 

The truth is that car accidents are common because of the behaviors of careless drivers. They would be a whole lot less common if people drove a little more safely and if other negligent parties put safety first. That, unfortunately, doesn’t always happen. People act carelessly, and others are hurt or killed because of that negligence. 

Understanding Negligence Car Crashes

When someone’s careless actions cause you to be injured, you can hold that person responsible for the harm they caused you. The only way to hold someone financially accountable is to file a claim to recover your losses.

 The money you receive is meant to compensate you for both your financial losses and non-financial losses. Financial losses are the direct monetary costs of your accident, while non-financial losses have more to do with the negative impact this accident has had on your life and mental state at WFR

 A lot goes into proving a party was negligent in a car accident, and you must prove negligence in order to receive financial reimbursement for your car wreck injuries. 

 It’s important to note that if you were also somewhat at fault for your vehicle collision, you will be unable to seek damages from another involved party because of the law of pure contributory negligence. Contributing in any way to the accident that harmed you will preclude you from seeking compensation. 

 There are exceptions to this strict rule in some situations, but these exceptions will not likely apply to a car accident. Ask your car accident lawyer how to make sure no unwarranted blame is laid at your feet.

The Difficulty of Dealing with Insurance Companies

After you’ve figured out what caused your crash and who is liable, you must then file your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, unless you have purchased personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. The other driver’s insurance company isn’t going to simply hand over a large amount of money without putting up a fight. Insurers will try to get you to accept the lowest settlement possible so they can reduce their financial losses.

 Your car accident lawyer will need to negotiate with the insurer to get you the fair compensation you deserve for all the financial losses you’ve faced, as well as for the emotional trauma you’ve been dealt.

 Trying to handle insurers on your own will likely result in a lower settlement amount for you. That’s because you don’t likely have the experience with auto wreck claims that a lawyer does. Seek help from your local lawyer for all your car accident claims.