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Five Reasons Your Minor Accident is a Major Pain

When most people think about personal injury lawsuits, they immediately imagine something serious. Broken bones, head trauma, burns and more – but in reality most personal injury lawsuits can be traced back to minor accidents. While slip and falls can seem more embarrassing than dangerous, there’s no telling what kind of health problems you may experience in the long run.

It’s important to know that you can rely on a qualified personal injury lawyer when you’re dealing with the aftermath of an injury – no matter how big or small. Read on to learn more about what makes minor accidents such a major pain, and see what a personal injury lawyer can do for you.

  1. Slip and falls usually go unreported.

It’s an unfortunate fact, but many people don’t think their minor accidents deserve reporting. A trip, minor burn, or slip down a couple stairs can seem inconsequential until an ankle starts aching or some soreness just doesn’t go away. Sadly, most people feel embarrassed after a clumsy slip and fall, even though they stand to benefit the most by reporting their injuries.

  1. Some employees feel intimidated.

It’s another unfortunate fact that some workplaces are toxic. Employees oftentimes report an atmosphere of intimidation or pressure, and if they experience a minor slip or trip at their workplace, they won’t be likely to report their injuries. As a personal injury lawyer like our friends at Hall-Justice can explain, you always deserve a chance at compensation.

  1. A slip and fall lawyer can be a valuable friend.

If you were pressured or shamed out of reporting your injuries, you can (and should) fight back. Even if you experienced a minor slip and fall, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve to be covered in case your injuries become a major health problem. If that minor injury develops into something more serious, you shouldn’t have to pay for your own medical care.

  1. You never know how a minor accident can affect you.

Unless you’re a doctor, it can be difficult to know how your minor injury can impact you in the long run. It’s not uncommon for a minor injury to lead to nagging pain much later down the line. It’s important to report your injury as soon as it happens, otherwise it’ll just be more difficult for you to file a personal injury claim.

  1. Reporting your injury is just the first step.

When you experience an injury, whether you’re at work, a business, or anywhere else, you’ll have to report your injury to whoever owns the property. However, it’s just the first step of a long battle for financial compensation. You’ll have to document your accident as much as possible, and you’ll have to go directly to a personal injury lawyer who can help.

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Even minor injuries can lead to major pains in the future. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, you need to weigh whether the property owner’s negligence contributed to your injuries. With the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer, you can get some much-needed funds that can cover any eventual medical costs that will present themselves later.

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