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How an Attorney Can Help in a Truck Accident Case

If you were injured in a trucking accident, whether you were the driver, passenger, or a pedestrian, hire an attorney immediately. In order to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to file a claim against the truck driver, the trucking business, and their insurance companies. Insurance companies have teams of experienced adjusters, investigators, and lawyers fighting to settle your case quickly and for as little money as possible. Unless you are a personal injury lawyer yourself, you are no match for the insurance companies, so you’ll want someone fighting just as hard for you.

Here’s how an attorney can help you out in a truck accident case:


Skilled attorneys often investigate the accident themselves. From the police report, to medical records, to vehicle inspections, and even accident recreation, an attorney will be able to find evidence of negligence in places you never even thought to look. This is such an important service, as the trucking company will be doing the same in an effort to prove you are just as liable.

File the Claim or Lawsuit

It is your attorney’s job to stay on top of filling out paperwork and meeting filing deadlines. This frees you up to focus on getting the medical care you need for your injuries.


If you were seriously injured, you should be focusing on recovery, not being bullied by big insurance company adjustors. Attorneys love to argue and negotiating with the big bad bully is part of their job. Remember, if you hire legal representation, you are more likely to receive a higher settlement than if you attempt to handle the case on your own.


If it comes to it, a lawyer,  will go to court for you. This entails more evidence gathering, depositions, filings, exhibits, and, of course, oral arguments. Only practiced attorneys can truly provide all the resources and knowledge to go to trial.

When looking for competent representation for a truck accident case, don’t look for just any old attorney. Find a lawyer with extensive experience securing the maximum fair compensation in auto accident cases. When you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, you can feel comfortable knowing that the attorney and their legal staff understand the laws and nuances of such a case.

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, you might be entitled to carry out legal action against the driver or truck company. Contact a lawyer today.