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After driving a new car off of the lot, there are several things that are going through your mind. Such as road trips, or even giving your new car a new name. What is furthest from your imagination is the car you purchased giving out on you and causing you bodily harm. When you sustain an injury due to a vehicle malfunction, there is clear liability that does not need to be proven as if there was a regular motor vehicle accident. No matter what practical or proper procedures the vehicle manufacturers took to design the vehicle, because of strict liability, they are responsible regardless. Strict liability occurs despite the negligence or carelessness of a person, or establishment. This means the individual or business had a duty uphold and that was dismissed, causing damage to a life, person, or property.

If you were using the vehicle for its sole intent and an injury was sustained by this. For example, say you are driving in your car, and there was an issue with the vehicle that you were not warned about beforehand and there was no warning sign to your knowledge, following the purchasing of the vehicle. Or, there was a defective part that worsened sometime after you pulled the car out of the lot. And either of these issues caused harm to you or a passenger in the car.

The longer the vehicle has been in your position, the lesser your changes of a larger claim. There are certain parts of the car that are covered by warranties because they are not intended to last forever; these warnings and warranties are normally conveyed during the sale. Which means your case weakens. In the event that this cannot be used against you or your case it is likely that you can be compensated generously.

When you are injured in an automobile at no fault of your own, but in fact due to the fault of the vehicle manufacturer, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. After seeking medical attention for your injuries, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney Atlanta, GA residents rely on that will be able to gather all of the information pertinent to your case and fight for you in or outside of a courtroom. It is not easy to prove these types of cases, as vehicle manufacturer typically have insurance companies on their team that are willing to fight hard on their behalf. Do not wait until it is too late, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries, pain, and suffering.



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