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Personal Injury FAQs

Do victims in personal injury cases need an attorney to represent them or can they go through the process on their own?

Although a victim is not legally required to retain a personal injury attorney to represent them, the truth is that the legal process can be a very complicated one and really requires the attention of a person who has extensive experience in tort law in order to get the best possible outcome. Insurance companies are in the business of making profits, not paying out injury claims, and do everything possible to avoid giving victims the financial compensation they deserve.

A personal injury lawyer New York, NY residents trust will ensure the victim’s best interest, as well as their legal rights, are fully protected. If the insurance company fails to negotiate in good faith, a skilled attorney will not hesitate to file the necessary legal documentation for a personal injury lawsuit to litigate the case in front of a jury.

Since the majority of personal injury law firms off free case evaluations, it will not cost victims anything to find out how an attorney can help.

What should the victim bring with them for their first appointment with a personal injury attorney?

When meeting with an attorney, a victim should bring all their medical documentation for their injuries with them, including bills, receipts, diagnostic testing results, discharge instructions, and any other documents associated with medical treatment. Documentation of any other expenses the injury has caused should also be brought to the consultation.

Victims should also bring any police reports they have about the accident or incident if the police were called. All of the information regarding the at-fault party who the victim believes caused the incident, as well as any witness information, should be given to the attorney. If the incident the victim was a car accident, then the victim should also provide any documents they have received from either their own or the other party’s insurance company.

If the victim has kept any type of journal that describes what has happened since the accident – such as descriptions about medical treatments, pain levels, etc. – they should also bring that, too.

The personal injury attorney will ask the victim to describe in detail the incident that caused the injury. He or she will want to know what led up to the incident and what happened at the scene. The victim will need to explain all of the medical treatment they have received so far and what type of treatment may be needed in the future.

The victim will also be asked to describe how the injuries have affected their life, including their family and work. If the injury has caused the victim to not be able to work, that information will also be important to the case.

The attorney will likely explain what legal recourse the victim has, how the law affects those options, and what he or she feels is the best course of action for the victim to take that will provide the best results.



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