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Proper Body Mechanics to Use While Moving

Using your body in odd, unnatural ways when moving things to and from is an easy way to injure yourself. Heaving boxes, furniture, decor and other items may require you to stoop down, bend or twist in ways your body is not accustomed to. Pushing your body to its limit or testing your personal strength, can be a quick route to the emergency room. There are proper body mechanics you can use to help prevent a serious injury from happening to you during moving. Relocating to a new place can be exciting, but not when the process leads to a painful or long-term injury.

Understanding How Body Mechanics Work

Poor body mechanics can often lead to problems in our back or spine. If we do not move in the correct way, our body can suffer stresses and pressures that they are not used to feeling. Our muscles and ligaments give our body support and stability. Practicing positive body mechanics can help keep your body strong, and able to continue moving without sudden aches, pains or injuries.

Moving Injury Prevention Tips

Here we have listed tips to help lessen your chances of an injury while moving, including a broken bone, muscle sprain, back injury, or worse.

#1 – Clear the pathway of where items will be carried, to prevent trip and falls.

#2 – Wear comfortable clothing that you are okay with ruining.

#3 – Wear supportive shoes that make you feel light on your feet.

#4 – Use moving gear, including gloves with grip and braces (for your back, ankles, wrists, etc).

#5 – When moving heavier items, refrain from twisting your body.

#6 – Never use your shoulders as leverage when carrying an item.

#7 – Listen to your body. If it feels sore or doesn’t want to move in a certain way, then stop what you are doing.

#8 – Take time to stretch before and after moving to help prevent sprains and increase flexibility.

#9 – You can bend at your knees when lifting, but make sure your back is totally straight.

#10 – Use your leg muscles, not your back muscles when lifting.

Moving Back-Up Plan

Not everyone is able to move all of their belongings on their own. Even with the support of friends or family, there may be items you are just not able to push or lift out of your home. Many people turn to professional movers so they can focus on other important aspects of the move. By hiring a moving company to do the hauling for you, they can provide the equipment needed to get the wonky and hefty items out safely. It can be a smart investment to pay professionals to move your treasures. Your body may thank you later when you didn’t have to make a trip to the emergency room for wounds, breaks or other bodily trauma. A long distance moving company can offer strategy, strength, efficiency and speed. You can help with the moving process by doing other tasks such as cleaning, paying remaining deposits for your new home, painting and planning decor. If you are injured while trying to move by yourself, get medical attention right away.