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Proving the Driver Who Hit You Was Texting

Prior to an accident occurring, you may have seen signs of distracted driving. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, the allure of a beeping cell phone can be difficult for some to avoid. Despite stringent texting and driving laws across the country, some still disregard them by using their cell phone while driving. Many people do so truly believing that glancing at their cell phone, even for a moment, is harmless. Unfortunately, this is far from true. Taking eyes off the road can have grave consequences. Working with a lawyer can help by ensuring that your rights are protected by gathering evidence and helping you to prove your legal case. 

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

While at one time phone use while driving may have seemed harmless, it’s important to be aware that texting and driving can be incredibly dangerous. In some cases, it can even be fatal. Despite the dangers, it’s not uncommon for people to still disregard the risk by using their cell phones while driving. Cell phone use can pose many dangers especially because the distraction, even if only for a moment, can impact your ability to maintain control of your vehicle and respond in a timely manner should you need to respond immediately. 

Protecting Your Rights With a Lawyer

A lawyer can play a critical role in the event that you have been injured in a car accident that resulted from distracted driving. Such car accidents can result in serious injuries and financial losses. Some of which may be difficult to recover from. A car accident lawyer plays a key role in helping to protect your rights and ensure that you are financially compensated for your losses. A car accident lawyer can build your case with evidence to support it, help you meet timeframes, complete paperwork, and negotiate with the opposing side to ensure that you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. 

Gathering the Right Evidence

It’s critical to gather evidence that can support your case. Not only can evidence prove the at fault driver was responsible, it can help to safeguard and maximize the settlement you are entitled to. Your car accident lawyer will work closely with you to gather key evidence in support of your case. This may include:

  • Eyewitness Statements
  • Police Reports
  • Cell Phone Records
  • Photographs
  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Documentation Outlining Your Injuries
  • Camera Footage

It can be incredibly frustrating to learn that the person responsible for the damages you are facing was using their cell phone while driving. Taking the time to gather strong evidence is key to ensure that you reach a successful resolution to your case. 

Cell Records Provide Proof

When working to prove that the other party was using their cell phone behind the wheel, cell phone records can be essential. In the wake of an accident, asking whether the driver was texting may be a key question to ask. Some of the time, they may admit fault. However, when this is not the case, your lawyer may be able to work a structured process to obtain the at fault driver’s cell phone records. This can pose as a key piece of evidence in proving your case. Cell phone records can confirm that the driver was in fact using their cell phone at the time the accident occurred. 

In the wake of a car accident that was the result of distracted driving, chances are you will want to at least consider seeking legal action. Chances are your life has not only been impacted but you may find yourself struggling during the recovery process. It can be incredibly stressful to manage insurance companies and the process of obtaining a fair settlement on your own. Let a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN help you by not only protecting your rights but helping you to obtain the settlement you may be entitled to for your losses. 

Thanks to Darrell Castle & Associates for their insight into personal injury claims and proving a driver was texting.