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Reasons to Take Advantage of a Consultation Offered by an Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

For those who have been injured in a bicycle accident, seeking the assistance of an attorney is key. It can be overwhelming to know where to turn or what to do next following a bicycle accident. When recovering from an injury, the idea of pursuing damages from the person responsible can feel completely out of reach. Some may feel as though taking legal action can feel like too large of a task to tackle on your own. Many are dissuaded from accessing an attorney for fear of the cost associated with legal representation. The reality is, many attorneys provide potential clients with complimentary case reviews for just this reason. It’s important to schedule a consultation with an attorney for a variety of reasons:

Gives you the opportunity to ask questions

Chances are you have a number of questions. Meeting with an attorney can give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding an attorney’s experience in representing cases like yours and obtaining information regarding their outcomes.

Provide you with an overview of the process

Most accident victims are likely to feel confused with the legal process and the proper course towards obtaining compensation for an accident. During a consultation, an attorney may help provide clarity by outlining what comes next. Often this can help put accident victims at ease.

For a professional to weigh in regarding the validity of your case

Reviewing your case with a legal professional can be key when determining the best way to move forward. They can help provide you with guidance regarding the best way to proceed in your case. Why spend time making assumptions or taking guesses at whether your case is strong enough to pursue? Allow an attorney’s experience and knowledge of the legal system act as a guide when making decisions.

To have a clear idea of an attorney’s fee structure

Many may circumvent an attorney altogether for fear that their fees will consume nearly all of the settlement they are entitled to. During your consultation, an attorney may outline their fee structure. This is key to ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with an attorney’s services.

To get to know an attorney before you commit to their services

You will want to meet a prospective attorney not only to determine if you have a case, but, to get an idea of how compatible you are with them. You may be spending a significant amount of time with your attorney. You want to make sure they are someone you feel you are able to work with. By not doing so, you risk working with an attorney that you don’t like. For some, this can cause problems later on. Especially if you end up changing attorneys as a result.

Injuries that have resulted in a bicycle accident can produce physical problems for a person. In some cases, the recovery period can be significant. Accident victims may never be able to regain the physical functioning they had prior to their injuries. If someone else is to blame for the accident, don’t let the opportunity to take action pass you by. Contact a personal injury lawyer DC relies on to schedule your complimentary case consultation with a member of our valued team.



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