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Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?


Automobile accidents can be terrifying, and especially when you are a careful and respectful driver you are likely not expecting to get on the road and get into an accident. However, automobile accidents occur all the time because one party was driving negligently, whether they were on the phone, flipping through the radio stations, or talking to someone else in the car. Even if you were involved in a minor car accident, you should not hesitate to seek medical help for any injuries, and it can be incredibly important to get medical help even if you are unsure of whether you suffered from injuries. Often, injuries creep up hours or days after an accident once the shock wears off and your body begins trying to heal itself. When you have been in an accident, you should seek the help of a chiropractor as soon as possible so that they can assess your injuries and devise the proper treatment plan for you. Not only will this help with your recovery, but it will help with your legal claim as well.

I don’t feel any injuries. Can I just move on from the accident?

Many people may not feel their injuries after an auto accident while they are still at the scene of the accident. Often, our bodies go into shock and we may be concentrating on getting the other driver’s information, checking any passengers for injuries, and seeing if there is any damage to our cars. However, once the adrenaline wears off, back pain, neck pain, and headaches can begin. Many chiropractors are all too familiar with the injuries that people sustain from car accidents, and it’s imperative that you seek help from a chiropractor as soon as possible after your accident.

What can a chiropractor do?

When you speak with your chiropractor as you set up your appointment, let them know that you just got into an automobile accident. When you do this, your chiropractor will know to set up any necessary screenings for your injuries to determine the extent of your damage. Further, when you let them know in advance that you will be pursuing legal action against the negligent driver, they can know your attorney will likely be contacting them for any documents and evidence they compiled during the course of your treatment. This is important because your chiropractor can establish how extensive your injuries were and why the treatment plan they devised was created specifically to help you heal.

Common Injuries Chiropractors Treat After Auto Accidents

There are many common injuries you may sustain after an auto accident including:

  •      Back Pain
  •      Shoulder Pain
  •      Neck Pain
  •      Whiplash
  •      Muscle Soreness
  •      Pinched Nerves

When this is the case, your chiropractor will likely discuss the different treatment options available to help you heal, including soft tissue massages, muscle stretching, electro-therapy, and spinal manipulation.

Don’t hesitate to get the medical treatment you need after your auto accident from a chiropractor. Not only can they help your injuries heal, but they can provide documentation and evidence for your legal claim against the negligent driver.