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Truck Accident Prevention

Driving a large truck, also known as a “big rig,” can be tricky. It’s essential that industry truckers observe a multitude of safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring. Because of the skill involved, truck drivers must use extra caution when on the road to protect themselves and other drivers from accidents. The following key factors may help to prevent an accident from occurring.

Requirements to Drive a Big Rig

To drive an 18-wheeler, a CDL or, commercial driver’s license is required. This allows for a driver of a truck to operate machinery that can be extremely oversized. To hold a CDL, you must pass a test that is both written and in the field.

Only Drive When Rested

It may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to feel tempted to push through when your employer is pressuring you. Truckers are often under a lot of pressure by their employers to meet their deadlines quickly. Driving an 18-wheeler requires the driver to always be aware of their surroundings. When a driver is tired, they may be inhibited which could prevent them from responding quickly when faced with dangerous situations on the road.

Be Aware of Road Conditions

Always be aware of what conditions the roads may be in. Inclement weather could make driving an 18-wheeler much more challenging. Be aware of the temperature when driving in colder climates as dropping temps could cause the roads to be slippery. It’s also important that the driver is aware of the surface they are driving on and ways it may pose a safety risk.  

Spatial Awareness

Driving a large truck means your visibility will be inhibited due to blind spots surrounding the truck. It can be dangerous when a car driver is in a truck’s blind spot because the car will not be seen in the event that the trucker changes lanes. The best strategy for a truck driver is to allow the person in the blind spot to pass by slowing down. Truckers must always be alert to the space around the entire truck (forward, rear, and sides).

Trailer Clearance

Know the height of the truck is paramount. This is important as attempting to drive under something that is not large enough for you to pass beneath could result in a big accident.  Truck drivers must be aware of low clearances and overpasses to ensure that it is safe for them to pass through.

There are many factors at play when driving a truck. It’s important to adhere to safety suggestions and guidelines to prevent an accident from occurring. In the event that an accident has occurred, consulting with a truck accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT respects may help when determining whether you should file a claim.


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