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What Should I Do At the Scene of My Car Accident?

It is estimated that more than five millions car accidents happen every single year in America. Thankfully, in many cases the vehicle is the object that endures the most damage. Unfortunately, those who are not so lucky may suffer from agonizing injuries that require extensive and long-term care. Those who have been hit by another driver due to no fault of their own, may wonder how to respond at the scene as well as how to seek compensation from this driver down the line. Here in the article below, we have aimed to answer these two legitimate concerns. Please read on for information provided through a question and answer format.

Should I keep my car where it was after impact, or move it off to the side?

Depending on who you ask, you may get a couple different answers. However, you should always consider your safety first. So if the crash happened on a busy highway or another road with frequent traffic, you may want to pull over to the side. It can make matters even worse if a second accident happens because the vehicles were not moved out of the way after the crash. If the cars are not interfering with traffic, then you may want to leave them in place until photographs of the scene have been taken.

Even if no one was hurt, should I call the police?

It may be best to call the police even if both drivers who not hurt from the accident. Do keep in mind that it is possible injuries were sustained, but have not yet become noticeable. An officer can file a report of the accident, which can be useful to both your insurance company and an attorney if you decide to seek legal action.

Why are photographs so influential to my case?

Having photos of the scene can help an insurance company decide who was at-fault for the accident. The more proof you have of the accident and your subsequent injuries, the better your chances may be at receiving retribution. Examples of useful things to take pictures of at the scene include:

  • Your wounds (bruises, cuts, scrapes, swelling)
  • Vehicle damages (broken glass, dents, tire pop)
  • The driver’s car condition (new and old vehicle damage)
  • Far away photo of the entire scene (including many angles and street signs)
  • Any other factors that could have contributed to the accident (debri in road, construction, potholes)

How soon should I meet with an attorney about what happened?

You can meet with a car attorney in Atlanta, GA as soon as you are ready. If you were hospitalized due to the accident, wait until you are of stable health before making an appointment for a consultation. Keep receipts of all medical expenses related to your accident injuries, including surgery, hospitalization, x-rays, laboratory testing, prescription medication and treatments. Maintaining records of what you have paid out of pocket for, can help a car accident lawyer Dekalb County, GA trusts estimate how much you could get from filing a civil lawsuit against the offending driver.

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