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What Should I Know About Whiplash After a Car Wreck?

Car accidents happen every single day, and can drastically change the life of a victim. Drivers who operate their vehicle without regard for others are not only putting themselves in grave danger, but also those whom they share the road with. In the event of a car wreck, there are so many types of injuries the victim’s body may endure. The luckiest may walk away with only a few scrapes or bruises. Those who are not so fortunate, may have to deal with very painful and long-term injuries.

One of the most common injuries a victim may suffer from after a car wreck is moderate to severe whiplash. Here in this article, we have delved into the topic of whiplash including symptoms, treatments and why you should meet with an attorney.

What symptoms of whiplash should I watch out for?

If you start to feel stiffness or sharp pain in your neck area, you should see a doctor immediately. Whiplash can cause other areas of your back to be sore as well. Symptoms of whiplash to watch out for after the car wreck include:

  • Stiffness & pain in the neck area
  • Worsening of neck pain from movement
  • Inability to use full range of motion in neck
  • Headaches which start at the base of the skull
  • Tenderness in shoulders, upper back or arms
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Arms tingling or numbness

When people use the term whiplash, what exactly does that entail?

Whiplash happens as a result of sudden force to the head, which causes the neck to jolt back and forth rapidly. Whiplash is a form of soft tissue injury which may also be referred to as cervical sprain/strain or a hyperextension injury. If a car were to rear end another vehicle going at a fast speed, the victim is likely to suffer from very severe whiplash. It is possible that whiplash is not felt until several days following the wreck.

What are treatment options for whiplash?

The form of treatment you receive can depend on the severity of your condition. Your doctor can perform an evaluation to determine what is needed to treat your pain. Whiplash can have a gradual onset, with only minor aches and pains initially. When left untreated, the victim can develop chronic pain in the back and neck. This is why seeking medical attention right after a car accident is so crucial to treatment, as things can worsen in the days or weeks to follow. Your doctor may recommend immobilizing your neck through a neck brace, doing physical therapy, taking prescriptions and/or receiving chiropractic care.

Why should I meet with an attorney about the accident?

Those who have whiplash injuries are likely to have accumulated plenty of out of pocket expenses for exams, diagnostics, medication, treatment, x-rays, chiropractic care, surgery and more. The driver who was at-fault for hitting you may have to pay you for these costs, due to the wreck happening because of their behavior behind the wheel. A car accident lawyer Salt Lake City, UT trusts can help guide you through the process of filing a civil lawsuit.

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