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What to Do When a Car Accident Causes Dizziness

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Car accidents can cause all sorts of physical implications that you may not have experienced previously. The good news is your body will let you know if something is wrong in most situations. If you are feeling dizzy following a car accident, it’s not something you should take lightly. Your body is trying to tell you something, and you should pay attention. The following are some things to do after this happens.


If you are dizzy immediately after your accident, just stay where you are. In many situations, dizziness is not just stress or shock, so you shouldn’t just pass it off as such. Don’t try to get up to check out the accident or check for other people’s injuries. Your head could have just sustained an injury, and getting up could make it worse. If you experience this dizziness, try to relax and ask for immediate medical attention.

Days Later

Sometimes it is days or weeks following an accident that an individual will start feeling dizzy. Dizziness is a sign of concussion, and it can take weeks before signs of concussion appear. If you are feeling dizzy and it has been a few days or weeks after your accident, call your doctor right away and get in to see someone who can assess the situation. Be sure you call someone who can drive you to your appointment so you don’t endanger yourself or anyone else.

In Coming Months

If you have suffered any type of brain injury, you should stay on the schedule your doctor gives you for the coming months and years. You may need to have scans done, attend physical therapy, take a prescription medication and a variety of other things. It’s possible your condition will worsen without proper care, so you should never be relaxed about appointments and other forms of treatment your doctor recommends.

As always, you should continue to practice safety in everything you do. If the dizziness from your car accident does happen to be the symptom of a brain injury, you don’t want to reinjure it or make it worse. Practice safe driving when you’re in the car, wear a helmet when you’re on a bike and play it safe no matter what you do in life.

Contacting Your Lawyer

Chances are if your accident was caused by another individual or entity, you are entitled to settlement money that could help pay for your medical bills. Contact a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., today to learn more.