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Fall Prevention for the Elderly

Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you recently been injured from a fall? Do you believe that the accident you suffered was due to someone else’s negligence? Perhaps they failed to appropriately maintain their property or the area in which you feel was littered with debris. Although the elderly may have a higher likelihood of sustaining injuries in slip and fall accidents, if the accident was the result of a property owner’s negligence you may be able to hold them liable.

Despite being at a higher risk for falls, there are some ways that a person may be able to help prevent an accident that has been the result of a fall. It’s important to note that sometimes, no matter the efforts made, it is still possible to find yourself injured as a result of a slip and fall. This is especially the case if the property owner has not taken proper care in keeping their property safe and free from hazard.

At Higher Risk

Slip and falls are one of the leading reasons for visits to the emergency room, regardless of age. According to the CDC, adults over the age of 65 accounted for approximately 7 million injuries in 2014 alone. If you have experienced an accident from a slip and fall, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The last thing any accident victim should experience is injuries that are left untreated. If the accident was the result of a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to hold them liable. Consult with an attorney to determine if pursuing a personal injury case is in your best interest.

Tips for Preventing Falls

Although in some cases, there may be nothing you can do to prevent yourself from suffering a slip and fall, there are some ways that you may be able to protect yourself. Here are a few tips for mitigating the risk of an accident:

  • Repair any hazards that can cause you to trip. Examples include: rugs, unlevel flooring, broken tiles or flooring that is sticking up.
  • Make sure that stairs are replaced and handrails are secure and properly installed.
  • Maintain walkways and driveways, keep them shoveled when there is snow and salted when ice is present.
  • Keep areas properly lit so that you are able to see where you are walking, giving you the ability to avoid hazards.

Taking precautions may be able to help prevent the likelihood of an accident. However, when the situation involves a property owner who has failed to maintain their property, you may find yourself the victim of an accident.

Facing Personal Injury

Enduring a personal injury case after experiencing an accident can feel like a momentous task. Not only will you be focusing on your recovery, pursuing a claim can be complicated for most people. A personal injury attorney can work closely with you to review the elements to your case and determine if you are able to pursue your claim. An attorney can provide their clients with a number of benefits such as:

  • A professional to do the negotiating
  • Ensure that timeframes are adhered to
  • Advise you regarding the value of your settlement
  • Take the lead so that you don’t have to
  • Support you in gathering evidence to support your claim

The elderly may be at higher risk for experiencing a fall but it doesn’t make them exempt from pursuing a personal injury settlement. If you have fallen or been in an accident that was the result of another’s negligence, you may want to consider pursuing a personal injury case. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer Minneapolis, MN offers may be the best place to begin when pursuing compensation for your damages.



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