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How Distracted Drivers Can Cause Bicycle Accidents

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Distracted drivers can cause bicyclist accidents, if their attention diverted away from the road for even a few seconds. A driver may be using a cell phone, navigation system, fidgeting with the radio, or something else distracting when a collision occurred. Bicyclists who are near the car when the driver is being irresponsible, may suffer the consequences of this careless behavior.

If you or someone you love has been impacted by a bicycle accident, you can rely on an attorney for assistance. We understand that you may have accumulated hefty medical bills, lost pay from work to recover, and suffered other damages because of an accident that you did not cause. Your attorney can help set things right.

Types of Distracted Drivers

There are a several different types of driving distractions, such as when a person takes their eyes off the road, removes their hands from the steering wheel, or takes their mind away from the present moment. Of all the distractions, driving while texting is perhaps the most dangerous as it impairs a person’s mental, physical, and visual functioning. Even reading a single text message may mean the driver’s eyes are not on the road for several seconds, which is enough to not see a bicyclist nearby or crossing ahead.

Common Bicyclist Accident Scenarios

Bicyclists are obviously at a much greater risk at suffering critical injuries in the event of a rider vs car driver collision. Bicyclist accidents can be prevented if drivers practiced being more attentive behind the wheel. It is the small decision to be distracted for only a few seconds, that ends up causing an accident with some of the biggest repercussions. Bicyclist injuries are not likely to be minor, since the human body cannot stand up against the firm exterior of a automobile.

If you sustained serious injuries, an attorney is likely to suggest you request copies of medical bill statements and exams. These documents can be useful if you sue the driver for hitting you in a civil lawsuit. The most common bicyclist accident scenarios can include situations like:

  • A driver opening a car door after parking as a bicyclist approaches
  • A driver making a right turn in front of an oncoming bicyclist coming from the opposite direction
  • A driver making a turn at a light without regard for bicyclist/pedestrian crossing right-of-ways
  • A driver rear-ending a bicyclist because they were going too fast and didn’t see the rider ahead

Contact a bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City, UT offers today to schedule your first appointment. They don’t back down easily, and will do what they can to see that the driver at-fault is held accountable. Please let us help you find justice for the terrible accident you had to endure.



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